Jo Carter 
Pilates & Massage
When first experiencing Pilates, a minimum of 5 private sessions is recommended. Initially you will be integrating the breathing, posturing and alignment sequences at a comfortable pace. Then, as your core strength increases, the workout becomes more aerobic. Some clients may prefer private sessions as Pilates warrants specialized observation and training. Others will benefit from group sessions with occasional private sessions. Work-outs are geared towards each individual's needs and become more challenging as one’s strength and flexibility increases.

Three solid rock maple Studio Reformers and one Cadillac hand-crafted by Balanced Body provide the highest quality equipment for your workouts. Each class has a maximum of 3 students. You will receive personalized instruction to develop an exercise program specific to your goals.  

Workouts are structured to challenge individuals at their appropriate level.
Beginning to advanced...

We use state of the art, solid rock maple Studio Reformers, Cadillac, Physioballs, Barre 
and Kettlebells!!! 

All levels are welcome!
Client Testimonial
Key Benefits

         Develop safe movement
         patterns through enhanced 
         mind-body awareness

         Create optimal core strength to
         support flexibility, maximum 
         power and stamina

         Reduce strain and stress by creating 
         an evenly conditioned body
 I have been working out with Jo for the last four and half years, 
starting about six months after I had a baby at age 40. One thing 
about having a kid at 40 is that you just don't recover as quickly. 
Pilates has been a lifesaver for me as my child has gotten bigger 
and heavier and faster. Having a strong core has prevented any 
back injuries, kept me limber and able to keep up. My
abdominal and back muscles are stronger than they have ever 
been and people have commented on my good posture. 

I spend nine hours a day in front of my computer, and the strength 
and body awareness I've gained through Jo's coaching has allowed 
me to address problems and avoid repetitive stress injury. 

Jo is a true professional who provides great insight and gentle, 
effective coaching to address problems and unlock new strength. 
As a result of working with her, I have come to understand, sense 
and control my body in completely new ways. She works closely 
with each client to set the pace of their workouts, and is always introducing new exercises to challenge and keep the workouts 
interesting. I enjoy and appreciate the environment that Jo 
creates in her studio, including the music, the beautiful space 
and the small number of clients that work out at any one time. 

Melissa Weakly
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"Jo Carter's Pilates classes are one of the best gifts that I've ever given myself. Her workouts really contribute to my overall well-being, helping me stay fit, toned, and more relaxed. I love working out in a beautiful studio rather than a gym and receiving the individual attention of a pro without unnecessary distractions. Even after five years I look forward to my workouts every week."

Karen Sella 

Client Testimonial
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